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Blue Fin Underwater LED lighting installation

Blue Fin Underwater LED lighting installation
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We have recently undertaken some work for a customer to install Blue Fin Underwater LED lighting to their boat, a lovely Broom 50 ‘Born to Boogie’ which berths at Ipswich.

We fitted 12 Piranha P6 colour change underwater lights to the boat, operated by wireless remote. We have also installed a bespoke Broom halo control panel. The lights will go through a colour display of blue, white, green and red, a combination of all four colours or a strobe effect, all programmable by the boat owner to suit their preferences.

There are four lights fitted across the stern, and four down both port and starboard aft quarters. As you can see from the photos, the process is quite easy with only very small holes being needed for the cables.

underwater boat lights blue fin

Blue Fin Underwater Marine Lights

Boat lighting Blue Fin

Blue Fin LEDs are offered as an option on all our new boats, however, retrofit installation is very straightforward, and non-invasive. The results are incredibly eye-catching and certainly make a boat stand out, adding a very modern styling feature. The lights can be fitted to any type of boat, of any size and there is a large range to choose from. So whether you are looking for low level lighting to assist with mooring in poor light, or a full suite of lights programmable to pulse in time with your music for the ultimate party showstopper, there will be a configuration to suit your needs.

For more information take a look at our Blue Fin page – or contact a member of the team to discuss your requirements.