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Gelcoat Repairs

refinishing for boat gelcoat scratches, cracks and chips

Gelcoat is a material used to provide a high-quality finish on your fibreglass boat. A gelcoat is applied to the boat mould in its liquid state and creates the gelcoated finish which protects and give a smooth finish to your boat exterior.

Gelcoat Damage

Over time, or in cases where the boat suffers direct impact on another surface, the gelcoat can scratch or get chipped away. You may also notice areas of cracking where the gelcoat layer shows up like a spiderweb on the boats hull.

Gelcoat Restoration

We can repair any gelcoat damage on your boat at our marina in Brundall. Gelcoat repairs are commonly made by removing the damaged gelcoat from the boat and sanding down the area to a smooth surface. A new gelcoat layer is then applied to the affected area and sanded down to match the contours of the previous layer. The gelcoat is then polished to restore the original shine.

If you have gelcoat damage to your boat and require gelcoat repairs, contact Broom Marine Services on 01603 711811 or email for an excellent service and quality repair to the highest Broom Boats standard.

Our boat Gelcoat repair services include:

Gelcoat scratch repair
Cosmetic repair
Gelcoat crack repair
Gelcoat polish
Minor boat repairs
Liaison with your insurance
Fully compliant with the British Marine
        Federation code of standards and conduct