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Boat repair in Norfolk

Boat repair in Norfolk

Keeping your boat at its best

Broom Marine Services boasts a significant team of expert boat-builders, engineers, joiners, carpenters, electricians, laminators, stainless steel fabricators and upholsterers. Our fully trained and experienced workforce can carry out repair and refurbishment work on your boat, in or out of the water. Broom Marine Services are fully equipped to meet your needs and ensure your boat is back in the water so you can continue enjoying it. In addition to structural and cosmetic boat repairs, we can also complete electronic, glazing or plumbing repairs. Unlike others, our expertise extends across areas such as stainless steel fabrication and GRP fiberglass repairs, so you can rely on us to complete all necessary boat repairs from our site in Norfolk. If we find a different fault whilst we're repairing your boat, we will provide you with a quote before we undertake the work. If required, a written quotation can also be provided before the work is undertaken.

Gelcoat Repairs

Boat refurbishment in Norfolk

On occasion boats can fall into a poor state of repair.  We can restore them to their former glory, for you to enjoy again. Broom Marine Services enjoy working with boat owners on such projects, to refresh or renovate their boats. We have the resources on-hand at our Norfolk site to be able to undertake the complete range of work that may be required on a re-build or renovation project including boat upholstery, boat canopies, internal and external fixtures, marine engine rebuilds and much more. Our experts are capable of working with a wide variety of materials and can offer practical advice and assist with the sourcing of parts and equipment. A tired boat can be given a whole new lease of life by undertaking a refurbishment, and can entirely change your boating experience.The residual value of your boat will also be enhanced. A simple modernisation, refresh or upgrade of the fittings on an older boat can be very cost effective, compared to a sale and purchase. Our experts have worked with clients on a large number of refurbishments, and are happy to share their wealth of knowledge, allowing you the benefit of their vast experience of similar projects and boats. It's all part of the Broom Marine Services experience.

Our boat repair services include:

Structural Boat Repair Structural repair
Cosmetic Boat Repair Cosmetic repair
Boat Refurbishment Windows Replacement windows
Full Boat Refurbishment Full renovations and re-builds
Boat Repairs and Modernisation Modernisation and new fittings and fixtures
Boat Refurbishment Liaison with your insurance
Our Marine Engineers Are British Marine Federation Approved Fully compliant with the British Marine
        Federation code of standards and conduct
Safe Boat Repairs Boat Safety Scheme certification

Window repair

Broom Marine Services have the specialist knowledge and experience to deal with the problem of broken or leaking windows. Our boat builders and GRP specialists have installed or re-fitted hundreds of windows in all types of boats and their expertise will enable a problem to be identified and rectified quickly and cost effectively.

Direct insurance liaison

In the event of an insurance claim, Broom Marine Services can liaise directly with your insurance company, dealing with assessors or loss adjusters as required. All of our work is fully guaranteed and we comply fully with the British Marine Federation code of standards and conduct.

Boat safety scheme certificate

All boats are required to have a current Boat Safety Scheme Certificate. We can arrange for your boat to be independently inspected and will be able to undertake any necessary work. You will be confident in the knowledge that your boat is compliant with the regulations and meets the required safety standards allowing you to enjoy worry free cruising

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