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Marine Generators & Systems

Fischer Panda UK have nearly 40 years of experience in installing, manufacturing and supplying generators. Offering an extensive range of marine generators, water makers and marine air conditioning systems to enhance independent living for boat owners, they are highly respected in the marine industry.

Broom Marine Services are delighted to offer Fischer Panda UK products to our customers, with product advice and installation. The range includes products to meet all budgets, abilities and requirements, and we would be happy to help you choose the right product for your boat, large or small.


Fischer Panda UK offer the largest range of compact diesel generators on the market today. Their commitment to continuous improvement in their manufacturing process has made the systems the quietest, smallest and most reliable generators available. To discuss Fischer Panda UK generators in more detail and identify the best model for your boat, just get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

We offer an extended 5 year warranty on FP generators when purchased from, and installed by us.

Entry Level

The 4000s series is the best-selling range of fixed speed 3000rpm generators and is the ideal solution when space is limited and you’re looking for an independent solution away from shore power. Capable of producing a continuous 17amp (3.8kW) output this range of generator is well suited to powering standard ‘household appliances such as; phone chargers, kettles, battery charging, TV’s etc. The 4000s series is available in two main cooling options.

The Panda 4000s FC - Twin Circuit Cooled’ via heat exchanger and sealed fresh water circuit!

The Panda 4000s Neo - NEW very quiet, robust FPE320 single cylinder engine.

Fixed Speed 3000rpm

The original Panda concept – small, lightweight and quiet running. Offering a range of generators from 6.8 – 75kW.

Variable Speed

AC Options – variable speed

The i-Series is Fischer Panda UK's latest innovative range of variable speed generators running between 2200-2800rpm, offering quieter running operating sound levels, longer life cycle and overall greater efficiency and is perfect for a varied power demand. Fischer Panda are truly leading the way in this highly efficient and fantastic range with models suited to all types of boats.

The 5000i - Single cylinder Kubota engine and is a horizontal mounted unit which is perfectly suited to height restricted areas.

The 5000i Neo - 4kW variable speed, very quiet and lightweight.

The 8000i - Very smooth, quiet running model which uses the two cylinder Kubota engine. Larger systems are also available.

DC Options – variable speed

The AGT range is a very efficient battery charging generator where the charge output from the generator is directly controlled by the engine speed, this leads to exceptionally high efficient. Available in 12/24/48v outputs starting from the most popular 4kW upwards. The RNLI has been fitting this type of generator since 19997 and have around 150+ sets in service.

Water Makers

HRO, Sea Recovery & VMT (Village Marine Tech) water makers offer a truly global dealer network. Manufactured in California, USA they are some of the most trusted and well-known brands on the market. AC or DC systems are available. If you are unsure which model is the best choice for your boat, or if you would like to discuss these watermakers in more detail, please get in touch as we will be happy to help you.

Fully Operational hands on system

Fully Operational hands on systems are designed for a boater who enjoy being hands-on with their equipment and fully operating the system. Manual salinity checks, pressure regulation and water diversion is required with this type of water maker. The simple modular design can fit in very tight spaces so is ideal for the smaller boat or where less space usage is desired.

Water Makers that fit into this category are from Little Wonder Series

DC 12v or 24v
LVM-145 producing 22 litres per hour
LVM-200 producing 30 litres per hour

LTM-500 producing 79 litres per hour

Models available in between
LTM-1800 producing 284 litres per hour

Semi Automatic System

Semi-Automatic Systems are a mid-range option. These models have a semi-automatic functionality where the owner needs a small amount of involvement, such as pressure regulation, however, the water maker system mostly looks after itself from that point on. The options for this category are from the Seafari Mini Series

Seafari Mini 170 producing 26 litres per hour (also available in 12v)
Seafari Mini 350 producing 55 litres per hour
Larger models are also available.

Full Automatic System

Full Automatic Systems are the top of the range and offer exceptional ease of use. These systems inherently look after themselves with just a push of a button. These are very advanced and extremely reliable interactive systems which are a good choice for a boater who prefers to be less hands on with the system.

Models available within this category are the Sea Recovery Aquamatic & Ulta Whisper

AQM 450-1 producing 71 litres per hour
Larger systems are available.

Ultra Whisper 200 producing 32 litres per hour

Air Conditioning

Marine Air & Cruisair are high quality brands from the world-leading manufacturer of dedicated systems, Dometic Group, a household name in the industry. We offer a range of complete Air Conditioning systems or individual units to meet the size and climate requirements of your boat. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the available air conditioning units in more detail or if you would like some advice with regards to the best system for you boat.


This is the most common type of air conditioning system and is the most economical and ready to use due to they’re compact and lightweight design. A single unit is designed to be installed in the space to be conditioned and can cool just one area, or several areas. These are reverse cycle so can be switched between cooling, heating and dehumidification, all remotely controlled.


Where space or noise control is an issue and therefore the self-contained unit is impractical, the split units are another good choice. The condensing unit is “split” from the air handler and placed elsewhere within the vessel, connected by insulated copper refrigerant lines. This system must be charged with refrigerant by a certified engineer. The cycle is reversible so can also produce heating.