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Why you should winterise your boat…

winterise your boat
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It is important to adequately protect your boat over the winter months to ensure that it stays in tip top condition ready for you to use in the Spring. Boats left in the water and untended in the winter months are vulnerable to frost damage, particularly to the engine and plumbing. Any failing window or hatch seals will allow water ingress, with damp and mould entering your living accommodation, resulting in nasty smells and damage to materials, furniture and upholstery. It is also advisable to ensure that all cooling systems are drained over the winter when the boat is not in use and batteries should be stored correctly to avoid degradation and corrosion.

Broom Marine Services can take care of the entire winterisation process for you to ensure you have worry-free boating come the Spring, and also avoid any nasty, and sometimes expensive, surprises. The winter is the ideal time to inspect your boat for damage, and with our on-site hoist we can lift your boat out of the water, and make a full inspection with you, in order to decide on any works you may require doing in these quieter months. You can relax knowing that everything is taken care of, with your only concern being when you would like the boat to be recommissioned. Owners often choose to have a compound polish and valet (we can do an interior deep clean too!) at this point, so that all they need to do upon arrival at the marina is stock the fridge and start up the engines!

If you would like any advice on the winterisation process, or would like us to take care of your boat, please give a member of the team a call on 01603 711811