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Aphros Seakeeper Fitment

Aphros Seakeeper Fitment
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This week saw our first retrofit of a Seakeeper 5 system into a customer's boat. Aphros is a Broom 450, bought new from us in 2006 and up until now has been kept in Ireland. She arrived with us two weeks ago, by road, to have the Seakeeper stabilisation system fitted into the hull - right beneath the aft cabin double bed to be precise!

We needed to fabricate a new water tank in order to make room for the system, but once in place and the cabin bed reassembled, no one would know that the system was there - except for the small electrical panel which is fitted into the dashboard.

Once the work is complete and we have tested her out at sea, she will be taken by her owner down to the South of France. This is a busy area for boats and this system will allow the boat's owner to sit comfortably out of harbour with no disturbance from passing boats, something which can be disruptive particularly when trying to dine.

The Seakeeper can eliminate up to 95% of boat roll and can completely change the experience of being on open water for anyone who suffers from seasickness or anxiety, and can greatly enhance control and handling in rough conditions. For more information on how the gyro technology works - take a look at the video on our Seakeeper page.