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We are delighted to announce a new product range available to our customers through our newly established partnership with Wilks

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We are delighted to announce a new product range available to our customers through our newly established partnership with Wilks.

Wilks are one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of fendering and decking systems. With over 40 years of British manufacturing and design expertise, Wilks synthetic decking and fendering products are amongst the best in the market. We have recently offered the Dek-King® products to customers ordering a new Broom boat and so we have seen first-hand the quality and finish that can be achieved. The amount of choice available is really important to us, as customers creating the specification of their bespoke craft want every detail to be right. So pleased have we been with the results on new boats, we have elected to become an stockist and installer of the Wilks decking and fendering range for pre-owned boats of all marques.

A new deck surface can really invigorate your boat and give it the wow factor, as well as being a safety feature. Old, worn and slippery decks are dangerous and can make even easy boating precarious. Stripping off an old deck and cockpit floor is relatively easy, and so installing a new deck surface is likely to be less expensive and time consuming that you might think. Wilks Dek-King® synthetic teak marine decking is the ultimate alternative to traditional teak decking. Retaining the look and feel of real teak, whilst offering superb anti-slip properties, durability and low maintenance deck surfaces. Dek-King® is manufactured from the latest premium 2G® technology, which is 30% cooler underfoot and 32% lighter in weight than many other synthetic deck products. This range has a superior grained effect and is available in 9 colour options.

We now also supply and fit the Wilks range of PVC and rubber fendering products which offer supreme protection for boats of all types. The range is extensive with a comprehensive selection of thickness and rigidity to enable the customer to select the most appropriate product for their boat and it’s intended usage. All the fendering products offered are specifically engineered for marine use to be long lasting and resistant to water damage as well as ozone and temperature degradation.

Our team will work with you to choose the right product for your boat, budget and lifestyle, and our professional boatbuilders and technicians will manage the installation and finishing. Your boat will be delivered back to you beautifully finished and ready for you to enjoy. If you would like to find out more information about the Wilks range of products, then please do get in touch – we would be pleased to help.

This photo shows the Dek-King 2G synthetic product next to a real teak deck. The quality of the grain is really impressive.

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